SHOU’s Philosophy

Happy & Well. Wellness and good health are everyone’s most prized assets, no matter which walk of life or colour of skin. SHOU in the Chinese
culture is defined as ‘longevity,’ which is only meaningful if quality of life and length of life is in good balance.

At SHOU, our team of experts in health, food & beverage, beauty, and the environment have come together to form the brand — that offer a curated selection of goods to better life and living, which include organic fragrances, natural skincare, organic accessories for household pets, wellness supplies, and personal water purification systems. We are on a mission to bring the best of the world’s goods together, so that you, our clients, can enjoy a healthy and happy life to its fullest, to its well being.

Our brand is named, Shou not only because of its meaning in Chinese, but for its friendly and soothing phonetic sound — with a breath of “chouette” in French and the “ooo’s” of delight at the arrival of a gift, and a wisp of the footsteps of life contained by a “shoe.”  We vouch to travel the distance with you on a lifelong journey!